American Black Journal 10/14/2012

Dec. 23, 2012: A look back at 2012 with the ABJ roundtable, and Johns Hopkins political science professor Dr. Lester K. Spence joins to discuss race and local politics.

Nov. 11, 2012: A new biography of Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, a look at how homeless veterans are finding help and Faberge comes to the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Oct. 14, 2012: Roundtable discussion about the survey that says nearly half of all Detroiters want to leave; a look at the link between unhealthy kids and urban design.

Sept. 23, 2012: Skype conversation with Detroit City Council member James Tate about Belle Isle, and an update from the Virgil Carr Cultural Arts Center.

Sept. 16, 2012: Techtown President and CEO Leslie Smith talks about the new alliance with the Brightmoor neighborhood. And two short films discuss recycling in the city of Detroit and Cleveland’s role in the birth of the green movement.

Sept. 2, 2012: Consultant Bill Johnson and Michigan Chronicle Editor Bankole Thompson join the ABJ roundtable to discuss presidential politics, and whether Mitt Romney’s 0 percent support among blacks in a recent poll will hurt his chances to win in November. Also, we talk about an even geared to getting more African-American men to take their health seriously.

Aug. 26, 2012: Teach for America is about to begin its third year in Detroit’s public and charter schools, and director Annis Stubbs talks about the program’s commitment to urban education, and to Detroit in particular. Also: Black Girls Code gets young, African-American girls involved with engineering and computer programming, and it’s coming to Detroit in September.

Aug. 5, 2012: Harvey Hollins, who is Gov. Rick Snyder’s urban initiatives chief, joins to talk about the relationship between the state and city government, and whether it’s changing life for Detroiters. Plus, the ABJ roundtable discusses the upcoming primary elections.

July 29, 2012: It has been 45 years since Detroit burned. Focus:Hope rose from the ashes of the riot and became a center of service and training for the city’s most needy. Also, we talk with Kirk Mayes of the Brightmoor Alliance about that neighborhood and what it needs for revitalization.

July 22, 2012: It’s election season, and newspaper endorsements are consuming most of my time at the Detroit Free Press. I talk with NAACP President Rev. Wendell Anthony and political consultant Darci McConnell about the process. Plus, what’s going on with the Detroit consent agreement?

July 15, 2012: Who’s working to be sure teenagers in Detroit get meaningful work experiences during the summer? Plus, we talk with folks from the Detroit Institute of Arts about their upcoming millage, and Detroit Bike City about the two-wheel revolution taking place in downtown and midtown.

July 8, 2012: Citizen Detroit seeks to educate the city’s residents about the tough choices facing their elected officials. And the Detroit Jazz Festival kicks off a competition that could put local talent on stage with international legends.

July 1, 2012: Discussion with Detroit planning exec Karla Henderson about the city’s new collaboration with Michigan State University to create pre-eminent urban agriculture installation; conversation with Austin Black III about Detroit real estate, and discussion of the Supreme Court’s health care ruling.

June 17, 2012: Discussion with former D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams about his city’s turnaround, and what it might mean for Detroit. Plus,’s Vince Keenan and former Detroit corporation counsel John Johnson discuss the city’s charter, and the dispute over the consent agreement.

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