Detroit Jazz Festival 2012

So I still call it “Montreux,” which was its name until 2000.
But that’s how indelibly the Detroit jazz festival is woven into my sense of the city and its culture.
The festival is one of the signature events of summer in downtown Detroit, and draws hundreds of thousands of people from all over.
I shot the festival on Sunday afternoon, and tried to take pics that highlight the festival’s backdrop in the city.
I have to admit: Once I was done, I was a little disappointed with the photos. They’re fine, and the composition was as good as I could manage. But they just weren’t that interesting.

So I took the color out of them, and tried to wash them over with a brownish monochrome look.

The net effect is both more interesting and defining – the architecture seems to pop more in the crowd shots, and even the pics of artists on the stage have more depth and character.

Earlier this spring, I interviewed the festival’s artistic director, Christopher B. Collins, on American Black Journal. You can see the interview at this link.

Next year, I’m going to request press access to the show, and take different, more intimate performance pics of the artists at the festival.

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